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Strategic Assessment

At Dynamic Quest, we begin every project with a preliminary analysis to better understand where your organization is and where you would like it to be. Then we create a strategic plan, outlining your business goals and how to achieve them. As we implement the plan, we review every stage of the project life cycle to ensure that defined objectives have been met. This comprehensive approach is the key to delivering desired business results to every client.

Security Risk Assessment

Dynamic Quest will test and review your network devices including routing, switching and wireless and servers. We assess your security posture by performing scans to identify open ports and vulnerabilities on your internal and external networks. Recommendations are made to help secure your infrastructure based on best practices and industry regulations. We’ll evaluate your business operations and systems to identify and estimate the levels of security risk.

IT Projects

Some clients have a specific IT project and call us in to provide expertise and service to accomplish their business goal. They may have a strong internal IT staff—but need to implement a project that requires expertise outside the internal team’s experience or capacities. Other clients want to have us on call to help with unexpected situations, or to perform occasional maintenance tasks. Some examples of these tasks include network or server upgrades and workstation refreshes.

Database Server Health Check

When was the last time you assessed your database server? If it’s been a while, it might be performing poorly or have security vulnerabilities that leave you open to a breach—either from outside or inside your organization. Our Database Health Check evaluates performance and identifies weaknesses, and a thorough report that flags problem areas and specifies actionable solutions.